Journey to the Kung Fu World
Definition & Genre HD / UHD
Year of Production 2016
Total Number of Episodes Episodes 4
Duration 60 mins
Summary Journey to the Kung Fu World takes us on a fascinating journey
to discover the true value of Kung Fu.
Traveling to some of the most fascinating locations
in China and interviewing the most prominent figures of Kung Fu,
we discover the origins of where Kung Fu has been deeply engraved
and how significantly it has impacted Chinese Culture.

In the documentary we re-create the world of Wuxia through
re-enactments and CGI to help the viewers understand
the story line and stay entertained.
Fast bullets and arrows, an entire restructuring manifestation
of Chinese architecture, re-enacting past battle scenes in China are many
of the eye catching cinematog-raphy you’ll see in this documentary.
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